BTS Jungkook’s Instagram Username Is So Genius That Even McDonald’s Is After It

Lyft and Target joined in the fun.

BTS‘s members just opened personal Instagram accounts, and fans just can’t get enough of Jungkook‘s unique username: @abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuvwxyz. For those that didn’t get he, he used every letter in the alphabet except “JK”, his initials. While fans have been reacting in the most hilarious ways, looks like ARMY isn’t the only one that couldn’t get enough of his genius.

McDonald’s themselves took to Twitter for a little ARMY-esque moment.

They decided to make their own rendition of Jungkook’s username, by taking out the letters “C”,”D” and “M”, which when put together, are their initials for McDonald’s! Soon, other brands like Lyft and Target joined in the fun with their own versions.

Given that BTS has even collaborated with the chain shop before on a set meal, it’s no wonder that the franchise still has much love for the band. Previously, the McDonald’s Twitter admin had a blast interacting with fans and letting their inner ARMY out in celebration of the BTS Meal.

McDonald’s Twitter Admin Is Having Way Too Much Fun With BTS Fans Right Now