Here’s Why BTS’s Jungkook And V Were Nervous To Give Their AMAs Speeches From The Start

They didn’t expect this to happen!

BTS took home three awards from the 2021 American Music Awards, including the grand prize, “Artist of the Year.” Soon after, Jungkook and V revealed how giving a speech is harder than it looks. There are many things happening behind the scenes that fans don’t get to see!

Suga revealed he kept his eye on the two youngest boys who were supposed to give their own speeches after RM.

As time passed, their nervousness grew!

One thing happened that they didn’t anticipate: RM’s speech didn’t stop!

His speech took so long that by the time he was finished, the screen was already displaying the words “Please wrap it up,” indicating they had to conclude their speech ASAP.

Not only did they have to accurately remember and recite their speeches, they also had to deal with feeling the pressure from the sign.

Additionally, the arena can get loud and even have a sound delay that makes it difficult to hear themselves and speak at the same time.

| Korea Herald

RM did his best to give a heartfelt speech, but that didn’t stop the members from teasing him!

He said ‘Thank you’ after saying something and I thought it was over but…! *continues speech*

— Jungkook

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