BTS’s Jungkook Reveals His Favorite Song To Perform — And ARMYs Have Never Seen It Live

He hopes to show it one day!

In a new video with Vanity Fair, the members of BTS did their best to answer questions about each other. The members went head to head trying to figure out Jungkook‘s favorite song to perform.

J-Hope started with a few good guesses, suggesting “Euphoria” and “So What.”

Jimin was confident in his answer “On,” while V was thinking more along the lines of one of Jungkook’s solo songs.

It was then they realized Jungkook hadn’t even chosen yet…but that didn’t stop Jimin from pushing for the answer.

He didn’t write anything down yet!

— Jin

Suddenly, Jungkook decided that “On” was correct! Unable to perform the exciting and energetic song live in front of ARMYs, he hopes he can show them soon.

We’ve never performed it in front of ARMYs yet. I think if we performed it now, they would love that.

— Jungkook

Just to show off how fun it is, he did a miniature rendition of the song…

…and all the members agreed with his choice!

The members showed they know each other so well — just like when they answered Jimin’s question with ease! Check out the hilarious moment below.

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