Jungkook Handles A Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Boss At BTS’s L.A. Concert

His buttons gave their two weeks’ notice.

BTS works hard, but their stage outfits work harder!

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On November 27th and 28th, BTS held their first two PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA shows at SoFi Stadium, in Los Angeles. After two years of online concerts, the members were thrilled to reunite with their fans.

From “Butter” to “Permission to Dance,” BTS brought their A-game to every song on the setlist — and so did their style team. For “FAKE LOVE,” stylists turned up the heat with Jungkook‘s sexy, shirtless look.


That blazer, those boots, and a body chain? Bring the pain “ON.”

Though his outfit was aesthetic perfection, it wasn’t without its challenges. The buttons on Jungkook’s blazer just couldn’t handle the intense “FAKE LOVE” choreography.

During the chorus, Jungkook noticed his buttons were losing the good fight, but he didn’t fix the problem right away.

Instead, he powered through the chorus, all while subtly keeping his blazer more or less in check. Jungkook moved carefully, angled his body, and held the blazer still, when possible.

During RM‘s verse, Jungkook used a break in the choreography to fix his blazer’s top button without missing a single beat.

After all, he’s not called the Golden Maknae for nothing!

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