Jungkook Created His Dream Hideout For The BTS Members — Here’s What He Designed

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Sometimes, the BTS members need their own special place to chill out! While most of them love to just stay home to relax, Jungkook imagined what kind of imaginary hideout the members would love.

As a true lover of all things aesthetic, a modern and sleek interior design is necessary.

I want our hideout to be modern. I don’t want it to be white at all. It should be all black. (Laughs) With cool lighting on black marble… A bar would be nice, and then my own studio, and a nice table and sofa in the center would make it awesome.

— Jungkook

Lighting is also extremely important for him! Wherever he goes, he brings his favorite lamps that cast gorgeous colors and patterns throughout the room, like his own Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp.

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I want it to be in the city. I like the city more than the mountains or by the sea. (Laughs) And what’s most important for me at our hideout is… Lighting. I’m going to make the whole place black, so if there is no lighting, you won’t be able to see anything. Lighting is the most important.

— Jungkook

Giving each of the members their own roles within the hideout, he chose to make himself the manager…but he won’t work for free!

I will be in charge of managing our hideout and maybe get paid a little by the members since I’m the manager… (Laughs) I’m the manager, so I get paid by the members to clean up… I will be in charge of this. I’m confident I’ll do a good job. (Laughs)

— Jungkook

Additionally, he chose the roles for the other members, making sure to pick the best bartender possible.

I think Suga will be perfect for fixing up cocktails. He knows a lot about alcohol, so I think he will do really well. I’ll ask J-Hope and RM to set up the equipment and for Jin, Jimin and V… What should they do? I needs some more time to think about what they can do. (Laughs)

— Jungkook

Jungkook’s ideas sound like the perfect place for the BTS members to have a blast!

Source: Weverse