How Can K-Pop Idols Sing And Dance Live? BTS’s Jungkook Shows Us How

He can sing while doing almost anything!

Despite K-Pop idols’ years of training, many people wonder how anyone could sing and dance live simultaneously.

To be fair, some choreography is so strenuous that lip-synching can be necessary. Yet, some groups, such as BTS, seldom lip-synch.

Still, BTS have been accused of lip-synching, although ARMYs can recognize the difference between live and recorded audio. Occasionally, members, namely Suga, have proved they don’t lip-synch by stopping his rap.

But some might still wonder how it can be possible to sing and rap while also dancing live. Now, BTS’s maknae Jungkook has shown how he makes it possible.


Recently, Jungkook held a live broadcast via Weverse. During it, he shared spoilers regarding his solo activities, including his upcoming single “Seven.”

Additionally, Jungkook worked out at his at-home gym. He performed a variety of exercises, including push-ups, planking, etc.

The exercise that really surprised ARMYs was when he used his abs wheel (also known as an ab roller). This can be a killer workout for the core.

So, it was shocking when Jungkook started singing Bruno Mars‘ “Grenade” while doing his workout with the abs wheel. Even though he was clearly tired, as the workout is no joke, his vocals were phenomenal, and his voice was steady.

ARMYs agreed this was clear evidence of how Jungkook could sing and dance live. Singing while doing strenuous exercises such as the abs roller prepares him to handle singing while dancing.

Jungkook is so impressive! They don’t call him the “Golden Maknae” for nothing.