Full Trailer For BTS K-Drama “Begins Youth” Excites ARMYs

It’s finally coming out this year!

Years ago, it was announced that a K-Drama would be made inspired by BTS.


At a press conference, HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk shared the agency’s plans for a Korean drama inspired by BTS‘s fictional universe. The K-Drama, originally titled YOUTH, was initially slated to air in 2020. Later, it was moved to November 2023. Now, it seems that it will finally release this year.

We are working with a famous Korean drama production company to produce a drama where the theme is based off of BTS’s outlook of the world, and the drama is expected to be revealed in the second half of 2020.

— Bang Si Hyuk

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The BTS Universe originated from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Series, Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa Series, or HYYH Series era with the group’s music videos. This time-traveling friendship story later expanded into other media, including the BTS Universe Story game, Save Me Webtoon, HYYH Notes, and now Begins Youth (also known as Begins ≠ Youth, Youth, or Blue Sky). 

The drama follows the lives of seven boys navigating their school years and personal growth, each grappling with family obligations, loss, poverty, abandonment, violence, and rejection. After an unwanted return to Songju-si, Kim Hwan meets six boys. As an outsider and the son of Kim Chang Jun, the boys sometimes find him suspicious and misunderstand his actions, leading to conflicts. Despite these initial difficulties, they eventually become friends. It seemed awkward at first, but over time, they grow closer and open their hearts. They travel and play together, sharing their problems to help each other heal. Realizing they all have similar family issues, they become even closer. Hwan confronts his own feelings by staying with the other boys. As he spends time with them, he starts to like Songju-si and genuinely wishes for these days to continue forever. However, Chang Jun notices the other boys and considers them useless, insisting that Hwan stay away from them. Hwan, who has always lived an obedient life, raises his voice for the first time and confronts his emotions.

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A full-length trailer for Begins Youth has resurfaced online, giving a look at each character and their story. It originally dropped late in 2023 but has gone viral again among ARMYs anticipating the drama’s official release.


In just the first few seconds, you’ll recognize many references to various BTS music videos, from “Spring Day” to “I NEED U,” just to name a couple.

The trailer alternates between scenes focusing on each character, Hwan, Cein, Hosu, Dogeon, Haru, Jooan, and Jeha, with the words “Sacrifice,” “Rumor,” “Interest,” “Poverty,” “Memory,” “Violence,” “Remarriage,” respectively.

While the trailer is jam-packed with drama, indicating what each character struggles with, it concludes with a look at their friendship. BTS’s song “Mikrokosmos” played to set the tone.

An official release date has not yet been revealed, but ARMYs are expecting it to air in 2024 finally. We’re all excited to see the BTS-inspired Webtoon come to life on screen.

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