News Anchor Kendis Gibson Under Fire For Disrespecting BTS On TV

Fans are demanding Kendis Gibson be fired.

Kendis Gibson, an anchor on ABC NewsWorld News Now, is being heavily criticized for mocking and disrespecting BTS at the United Nations’ General Assembly with UNICEF.


The program briefly covered RM’s speech, where Kendis Gibson made sarcastic comments about RM’s message to “speak yourself”.

“That’s so poetic. I’m seriously in tears, ‘Speak yourself’.”

— Kendis Gibson


As his co-anchor began to explain the campaign UNICEF and BTS has partnered up for, when Kendis Gibson interrupted her by shaking his head, laughing, and stating BTS are just “a bunch of boy bands from Korea.

“It’s a bunch of boy bands from Korea. It’s a boy band from Korea… telling us how to live life.”

— Kendis Gibson


He ended with a senseless comment about their dancing.

“They’ve got choreographed dance moves.”

— Kendis Gibson


After the broadcast aired, many fans and non-fans criticized him for being “disrespectful” and “xenophobic”.


His Twitter page was flooded with fans demanding that he officially apologize to the group.