Where Is BTS? The Latest Update On The Members’ Solo Activities And More

Catch up on everything you might have missed!

At all times, the members of BTS stay booked and busy! After concluding their WORLD EXPO 2030 “Yet to Come” in Busan concert, more exciting news dropped including the announcement of the group’s Special 8 Photo-Folio Us, Ourselves, And BTS “We” and their influx of “2022 MAMA Award” nominations. However, the members are pursuing their own individual activities as well. Check out what everyone is doing lately below!

1. RM

RM recently uploaded an Instagram story teasing fans about his new music. He started with a story celebrating the release of his latest mixtape Mono four years ago…

…and followed it up with a screenshot of a zip folder with its name blurred out and a caption that read, “And next?”

The screenshot showed that the folder contained mastered audio files that were last updated on October 19. In the following story, RM gave fans a sneak peek into the topic of his album, stating, “gon be the total record of my 2019 – 2022 the twenties.”

2. Jin

Jin is busy preparing for his solo single, “The Astronaut.” He recently released two sets of concept photos, including version 1 as Outlander…

…and version 2 titled Lunar Eclipse.

Additionally, fans recently spotted Jin at Incheon Airport on his way to Coldplay’s Buenos Aires, Argentina concert where he will debut the solo single as a featured guest on October 28.

3. Suga

Suga recently broke down barriers as a “conservative” guy when it comes to fashion!

Hilariously enough, Suga bared it all during BTS’s Korea tourism campaign “Feel the Rythm of KOREA” as part of the new Korean tourism brand Imagine your Korea.

ARMY were left in awe of Suga’s transparent shirt showing off even his belly button!

4. J-Hope

J-Hope is living his best life enjoying gifts from artist and colleague KAWS with whom he collaborated on the Jack in the Box album cover.

J-Hope received the seasonal cereal flavors features KAWS’s artwork on the boxes, along with some cool figures from the artist.

5. Jimin

Most recently, Jimin was spotted sending off bestie and solo singer Ha Sungwoon to his mandatory military enlistment.


Check out more fantaken photos of Jimin below.

6. V

Most recently, V took on the role of ARMY’s favorite spoiler king when he showed a small clip of the dance practice video for “Run BTS.”

“It’s been a while since we really burned it up🔥,” he captioned the video. Hopefully one day, fans will be able to see the entire video!

7. Jungkook

Most recently, Jungkook surprised fans by going to Qatar for the 2022 Qatar World Cup promotion schedule and showing off his stunning real-life visuals.

Check out a video of Jungkook at the airport below.


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