BTS’s V Teases ARMY With A Sneak Peek Of Dance Practice For “Run BTS”

Nobody was prepared for this! 🤯

BTS recently left fans in awe during their WORLD EXPO 2030 “Yet to Come” in Busan concert with their extensive setlist featuring a brand new performance to “Run BTS” from their anthology album, PROOF.

The hard-hitting track features lyrics that describe BTS’s endless drive to do their best and reach success from their humble beginnings. The previously never-before-seen performance is just as iconic and exciting as ARMY hoped!

Recently, V continued to surprise fans when he uploaded a special gift to his Instagram story: The dance practice video for “Run BTS.”

The epic practice video shows the members and dancers giving it their all to the song in one of HYBE’s choreography rooms.

It’s been a while since we really burned it up🔥

— V

Quoting part of the song in his caption, the members certainly worked hard to perfect the highly-anticipated choreography.

🤨 (You) worked hard

— V

During their ending ments, members like J-Hope commented on the excitement of preparing a brand new performance to surprise fans.

We can only hope that the full choreography video will be officially posted soon for ARMY to enjoy!

For now, fans can rewatch the actual performance on BANGTANTV below.


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