BTS’s Leader RM Appoints Jin As Leader But Of Something Else

Jin is 100% leadership material.

BTS‘s RM may be the leader of BTS, but he just appointed righthand man Jin as the leader…

Jin (left) and RM (right)

…of something else entirely. Can you guess what it is?

Video games?


| Weverse

Guess again…

It’s strawberries!


Jin not only loves taking the members fishing… He also loves visiting his uncle’s strawberry farm with them. He took the group with him back in 2020.

Now, being released from quarantine due to COVID-19, he has returned by himself to visit family. Strawberry season also just began in Korea, so it’s perfect timing!


— Jin

The members took notice too. RM commented on the post and appointed Jin as the official “leader of strawberries.” 

Leader of strawberries, You went there to prove yourself

— RM

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

While RM maybe wishes he could have gone with Jin, we know there are no hard feelings, especially because he knows that Jin will return with some delicious strawberries!

Screenshot on January 14, 2022. | @jin/Instagram

Jin: Strawberry

RM: Leader of strawberries, You went there to prove yourself

RM: Please bring some strawberries when you are back!

RM wasn’t the only one envious of Jin’s fresh strawberries. J-Hope, too, had something to say…

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