BTS Talks About Learning From Younger Soldiers In The Military

They’re always humble!

BTS‘s RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook recently held a final livestream before enlistment where they discussed everything from their military enlistment plans to their goals when they return.

The members discussed how they may be older than the average soldier, but they’re still willing to learn from others. The average Korean man can enlist after turning 18 and many decide to enlist then or in their early twenties.

Meanwhile, as they have been busy with their career, the BTS member members are much older. However, this doesn’t stop them from wanting to learn.

Because although the ones enlisting with me might be younger than me, there’s probably something to learn!

— V

Despite being older, they remain humble and willing to learn new things.

The members are certainly excited for the new challenge ahead!

Check out more from the livestream below.

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