Here Are The Awkward Realities BTS Experienced From A Concert Without Cheering

“I can tell you now that it’s done, but…”

During BTS‘s recent “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in Seoul concerts, the audience abided by the COVID-19 guidelines which included reduced capacity and no cheering allowed.

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

While the members had a blast to play the first shows in Korea since the pandemic began, there were some struggles that came along with the new rules.

They revealed they mentally prepared themselves for the shows where it would be difficult for ARMYs to give them feedback and show their excitement outside of using their clappers. Because of this, it was up to the BTS members to bring the hype.

It took 2 or 4 times more effort to bring our excitement up for the show.

— Suga

Upon Jimin removing his in-ear piece, the stadium felt silent to him, despite being surrounded by an audience using their clappers.

Similarly, Suga revealed that the stadium felt quiet from the outside when his friend attended the show.

RM shared something unfortunate that ARMYs might not have realized during the shows.

I can tell you now that it’s done, but, in fact, when we have the in-ears on, we can’t hear the clappers at all.

— RM

However, the ARMYs in the audience may have thought the noise from their clappers traveled further since they’re louder when you’re next to them.

As bummed out as BTS was about the whole situation, they assumed that ARMYs are probably feeling the worst.

They miss the days when they could take off their in-ears and hear the screams of ARMYs throughout the entire stadium! However, they will certainly come soon.

Curious to know how ARMYs felt about the concert, V did a little snooping online! Check out the article below.

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