Here’s How BTS’s V Spies On ARMYs Online

He does this a lot nowadays!

BTS is guilty as charged when it comes to secretly stalking ARMYs! They know all about fans’ favorite memes…

| Naver

…and have even been caught accidentally liking their tweets.

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V has previously admitted to lurking through ARMY’s online posts by once choosing his iconic blue hair color after seeing a fanmade edit. However, he recently admitted that he does a lot more than just check out some photos!

During BTS’s latest live broadcast, the members tried out the clappers used by fans at their “PERMISSION TO DANCE” in Seoul concert.

V knew all about ARMY’s struggles of folding the clapper into it’s proper shape.

He revealed he learned all of this while watching some ARMY’s vlogs of their experience at the concert!

I saw that ARMYs shoot logs and stuff.

— V

He admitted that he “searches and watches concert vlogs these days,” which means some lucky fans have been the star of his YouTube binge-watching sessions.

You never know if V will see your video!

Check out more from their live broadcast below.

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