BTS Lives Their Best Lives In The Second Teaser For “In The SOOP 2,” And We’re Here For It

Looks like they had a great time!

The second teaser for BTS In the SOOP 2 is finally here, and now we’re even more excited for the show’s premiere!

Poster for BTS In the SOOP 2 | @INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter

As they walked up to their impressive new In the SOOP houses, J-Hope said “It kind of feels like a penthouse, too.” At the same time, RM joked “Isn’t this basically ‘In the CASTLE’?”


From the teaser, it’s clear that all the members truly enjoyed themselves while filming In the SOOP 2. As the video showed Suga playing basketball with Jimin, Suga said, “It feels so comfortable being here with the members.”

It looks like RM spent a good bit of time reading while relaxing in the forest. He described his time in the soop as “a time that allows me to fully and wholeheartedly do what I wanted to do.”

Jimin used his time in the soop to heal his mind and body. He was shown laughing while lounging outside with RM and riding on an ATV while he said, “To me ‘rest’ means a time where both my body and mind can heal.”

Jin enjoyed spending time gaming and doing absolutely nothing while relaxing. He said, “You know, like gaming all day or having time to just do nothing at all.”  As Jin spoke, the teaser showed footage of him fully immersed in playing a video game and napping in the pool.

J-Hope found peace of mind while filming In the SOOP and liked being able to take a break from BTS’s hectic schedule. As he had fun playing in the pool, he said, “It gives me peace of mind and allows me to take a momentary breather.”

Jungkook loved escaping from city life and having fun with the members in the forest. He laughed with the other members and played with a water gun as he said, “It makes me feel safe.”

V enjoyed playing the trumpet while filming In the SOOP and described his time in the forest as healing. He said, “People may not know this, but one of the sole places I can truly ‘heal’ is BTS In the SOOP.”

ARMYs loved seeing BTS enjoy their time in the forest in the teaser and can’t wait to see the second season of BTS In the SOOP!

Check out the full teaser below.