BTS’s Louis Vuitton Outfits Are Playing Tricks On Everyone’s Eyes

What you see isn’t what you get.

Fashion is art. It’s beautiful, subjective, and sometimes a little…confusing?

Suga | BT21/Youtube

On July 7 at 7 PM (KST), BTS will participate in Louis Vuitton‘s Fall-Winter 2021 fashion show in Seoul. Fans can expect to see BTS modeling the outfits from their Louis Vuitton teasers and more at the show. 

BTS | Louis Vuitton

While fans are loving BTS’s high fashion fits, some of the members’ items are playing tricks on their eyes! For instance, many people mistook V‘s coffee cup handbag as a real coffee cup, and it’s easy to see why.

J-Hope‘s accessory is also making fans do a double-take. Is that a newspaper? Nope! It’s an undercover clutch bag.

J-Hope | Louis Vuitton

Jungkook is also modeling an optical illusion, and we’re not talking about the sunglasses filter! He is wearing what might be the world’s most expensive eraser.

Jungkook | @louisvuitton/Instagram

For $810 USD, that eraser had better be fashionable and functional!

| Louis Vuitton & @koomilkk/Twitter

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