BTS Takes Their Lunar New Year Celebrations To Instagram And Weverse

Happy Year of the Tiger!

Out with the old, in with the new! BTS is saying goodbye to the Year of the Ox and welcoming the Year of the Tiger!

BTS celebrating Lunar New Year 2021. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

With restrictions still in effect for COVID-19, many are celebrating the Lunar New Year at home this year. Festivities for this annual celebration, which can last up to 15 days, include delicious food, family time, lantern festivals, and more.

A lantern festival. | CNN

Today, BTS sent Lunar New Year’s letters to ARMY, and several members posted greetings on InstagramRM shared photos of himself Namjooning out in nature.

RM | @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

HLNY [Happy Lunar New Year]

— RM’s caption

He also shared this adorable video. (Don’t worry! This “dead” bunny is very much alive!) J-Hope commented, “Have a happy lunar new year. Is it a rabbit this time?”

Jin also posted a new photo, captioned “HLNY.” In it, he poses with Pink Bean, a character from one of his favorite games, MapleStory. Last year, Jin spent his Lunar New Year allowance on in-game currency, Maple Cash. Unsurprisingly, J-Hope was the first to wish Jin a happy new year in the comments!

J-Hope posted his New Year’s photo on Weverse. He wrote, Lunar new year” three times in the caption, followed by, Please eat lots of good things.”

J-Hope | Weverse

Jin couldn’t help noticing Snoopy‘s predicament. He commented, “Snoopy looks like he’s having a hard time.” Nonsense! He’s having fun!

| Weverse

Winter Bear uploaded this magical, snowy selfie on both Weverse and Instagram. For the caption, he engaged in wordplay by writing, “Lunar New Year/Snow.” The word for “year,” (설/seol) is the same as the word for “snow.”

SugaJimin, and Jungkook have not yet posted Lunar New Year content on Instagram or Weverse. Jimin is currently recovering from COVID-19 and acute appendicitis, and fans everywhere are wishing him well!

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