Actress Maisie Williams Names Her BTS Bias, Shares Her Concert Memories

Arya Stark has a fave.

BTS has fans all over the world, and some of those fans, like Maisie Williams, are celebrities in their own right.


Actress Maisie Williams made her debut in 2011 as Arya Stark, a lead character in Game of Thrones. Since then she has appeared in a number of shows, including Doctor Who, Cyberbully, iBoy, and Two Weeks to Live. 

Maisie Williams on “Game of Thrones.” | HBO 

Recently, the actress went undercover on the internet for British GQ‘s video series, GQ Actually Me. In it, Williams answers fans’ questions, including one about BTS.

Does she have a BTS stan account? “I wish I did,” Williams said. “It would be cool if I did, but maybe I’m double bluffing.” 

Although she isn’t part of the online BTS community, Williams did see the group in concert, before the COVID-19 pandemic. She does not specify which concert she attended, but it might have been BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF show in London. Back in 2018, Jungkook suffered a minor injury and could not dance during the London show.

Jungkook sitting during the London concert.

“I got to see them right before the lockdown,” she said. “It was amazing, but Jungkook, his knee was hurt, and he’s my favorite, so I didn’t get to see him dance in real life. If they do another tour, then I will see him then.” 

Thankfully, there will be more opportunities to see Jungkook dance in the near future! BTS will perform Day 3 and Day 4 of their Las Vegas PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows this weekend.  A world tour is also on the horizon.

Watch the video here: