BTS’s Maknae Line Throws ARMYs In A Frenzy With A “Choreography Spoiler” — Here’s What That Really Was Though

It was not a spoiler, nope.

During a recent Japanese online talk show, BTS‘s maknae line — of Jimin, V, and Jungkook — was spotted all making the same gesture…

… convincing ARMYs 200% that they must be spoiling a choreography for the single dropping August 21, 2020.

But the closer ARMYs looked at the “choreography”…

… the more familiar it seemed. That’s when eagle-eyed ARMYs realized this is actually from one episode of Infinite Challenge, where the hosts tried to win “The Most Masculine Member” challenge!

Infinite Challenge episode 339 logo. | MBC

Host Noh Hong Chul made this pose to boast his masculinity…

… and it must have made quite the impression on the maknae line!

ARMYs eventually found out that the very episode had a rerun that same day…

| Naver

… and couldn’t stop laughing at themselves for getting all worked up — and at BTS for being obsessed with the gesture!

  • “LMFAO. This is f*cking hilarious.”
  • “Man, the maknae line is so adorable, I’m dead.”
  • “I literally thought it was a choreography spoiler when V and Jungkook did it… but I caught on when Jimin made it exactly like Noh Hong Chul’s, LOL. His eyebrows and everything.”
  • “I think V and Jungkook made it confusing. Jimin is like a carbon copy though, LMFAO.”
  • “HAHA! Yeah, V and Jungkook had me thinking spoiler??? But then Jimin made it very obviously clear that they’re being Noh Hong Chul.”

Here’s the Infinite Challenge clip from 2013:

Source: THEQOO


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