None Of BTS’s Members Believe In The MBTI Personality Test…Except One

“I didn’t trust MBTI…”

From 2017 until now, BTS‘s members have taken the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test several times to find out their “true personalities.”

Top: Jin, Jimin, V, RM, and Suga. Bottom: Jungkook and J-Hope.

Their latest results are as follows: RM (ENFP)…

Jin and Jungkook (INTP)…

Suga (ISTP)…

J-Hope (INFJ)…

Jimin (ESTP)…

…and V (INFP).

Given how most of BTS’s types have changed at least once, it’s not too surprising that the members don’t take the MBTI test too seriously. In their MBTI Lab 2 video, BTS shared their closing thoughts about the test.

“I think this test is just meant for fun,” J-Hope said. “I felt it today, but MBTI kind of makes me lose my focus. I don’t really trust it too much.”

Rather than MBTI, V trusts the ancient art of saju fortune telling. Saju looks at the specifics of a person’s birthday (the hour, day, month, season, and year) to give insight into that person’s destiny.

I didn’t trust MBTI either. I trust saju fortune.

— V

The MBTI test categorizes people into 16 personalities, but Jin believes everyone has their own unique personality.

 I don’t really put a lot of meaning behind MBTI either. Everybody has their own unique personality. That’s what life is. So let’s all just see it as some fun data.

— Jin

RM looked into MBTI in 2014, long before it became a popular fad. At the time, a counselor told RM the test was outdated. RM believes that the test still needs to be updated for accuracy.

And I think some MBTI questionnaires, like the childhood vacation question earlier, these questions need to be updated.

— RM

Some people tend to make assumptions about others based on their MBTI, but Jimin agrees with the majority of his members: the test is just for fun.

I had so much fun too, and I heard from my friend that these days people tend to hear someone’s MBTI type, and judge then immediately. I think we should all just take it for fun.

— Jimin

How does Suga feel? He immersed himself in each question to entertain ARMY and his members, but he doesn’t believe MBTI results should be taken as fact.

I wanted to make the shoot more fun, so I really immersed myself and changed up the questions, but the options are too limited. Maybe if they were short-answer questions it’d be better, but they aren’t. So everyone, please just take it as a fun test, and see that this is how BTS thinks about MBTI.

— Suga

Unlike the rest of his members, Jungkook believes in MBTI. “I actually believe MBTI a lot,” he said, grinning. “I believe in stuff easily.”

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