McDonald’s Canada Might Have Dropped A Spoiler For “The BTS Meal”

We’re lovin’ it.

McDonald‘s collaboration with BTS has taken the world by storm, and the fun’s just getting started!

Jimin (left) and J-Hope (right) | Run BTS!/Weverse

When news broke about “The BTS Meal”, the latest celebrity combo in McDonald’s “signature order” program, fans flooded McDonald’s Twitter accounts with questions. What’s included in the meal? Will there be merch? Photocards? The people need to know!

The McDonald’s US account has been having fun interacting with fans and verified accounts, but it hasn’t let any surprises slip (yet). That said, what kind of BTS collab would this be without a spoiler king?

Enter McDonald’s Canada, ARMY’s new bestie. When a fan asked if The BTS Meal would come with photocards, McDonald’s Canada replied — then quickly deleted the tweet. Wait, what? Why? 

Thanks to the power of ARMY and the internet, the original tweet is making the rounds on Twitter. McDonald’s Canada wrote, “we hear you bestie.” 

Perhaps, McDonald’s Canada deleted the tweet because they had said too much too soon. Perhaps, it was to avoid giving ARMY false hope. Either way, we’ll find out soon enough! The BTS Meal will be available to order on May 26. Until then, feast on these memes!

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