The BTS Member BIGBANG’s Taeyang Sees More Often Than Suga Does

“I had heard so much about him and that we should meet up…”

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang has made his first comeback in six years with the release of his new single “VIBE,” featuring Jimin of BTS. The song has garnered attention and anticipation from fans, both old and new, who have been eagerly waiting for Taeyang’s return to the music scene and a collaboration between members of the two popular global groups.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and BIGBANG’s Taeyang (right) | @__youngbae__/Instagram

In recent years, Taeyang has grown close to the members of BTS, who he’s shared meals and attended events with. While BTS and BIGBANG promoted at the same time in the past, their schedules rarely aligned, leaving few opportunities for the two groups to meet.

Still, the admiration of BTS for BIGBANG made its way to the grateful senior group.

BTS’s Jimin worked tirelessly for his dream collaboration with Taeyang, dancing for hours to nail the choreography, and Suga hilariously exposed that Jimin studied Taeyang and even imitated his voice.

Jimin’s dream of working with the idol who inspired his massively successful career finally came true, and Taeyang even named Jimin as the BTS member he’s closest with.

Despite naming Jimin as the BTS member he’s closest to, Suga jokingly shared that there’s another BTS member who Taeyang sees more often than Suga does.

Taeyang was among the VIP guests at J-Hope’s legendary Jack in the Box listening party, and in August and September, Taeyang was spotted at separate events with BTS’s RM: a book launch and an art fair.


BIGBANG’s Taeyang at the “Jack in the Box” listening party | @__youngbae__/Instagram

BTS’s Suga asked Taeyang about his friendship with RM, to which the BIGBANG member replied that people suggested he meet with RM because of their mutual love of art.

We just naturally got together. I said had heard so much about him and that we should meet up for a meal, so that’s how we became friends. After that, we ate out a few times and we’ve kept in touch

— Taeyang

Taeyang shared that he still keeps in touch with RM, to which Suga hilariously shared that Taeyang may see BTS’s leader more than he does.

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