TV Asahi Comments On Why They Cancelled BTS’s Appearance On “Music Station”

The managing director commented on their former claims regarding Jimin’s shirt.

TV Asahi‘s senior managing director, Keiji Kameyama, recently commented on the broadcast station’s decision to cancel BTS‘s appearance on Music Station.

TV Asahi initially announced that BTS’s scheduled performance was postponed indefinitely, citing an issue with one of the members’ shirts that became an issue in Japan. A press reporter asked whether their decision was actually based on Jimin’s controversial shirt from a year ago, but Keiji Kameyama responded with a very vague answer.

“Whatever happened, it was due to a combination of reasons.”

— Keiji Kameyama

The “combination of reasons” could be referring to the recent high political tension between Japan and Korea, where the Japanese businesses began to restrict promotions of all Korean culture influence in Japan.

Another reporter then referred to Jimin’s recent statement during their Japanese Dome concert, where he expressed his sadness about the recent controversies. When asked to comment on Jimin’s statement, Keiji Kameyama deemed it as not his place to comment.

“I don’t think it requires us to respond.”

— Keiji Kameyama

He also commented about the future prospect of BTS appearing on TV Asahi. Once again, he left a very vague answer without any solid decision regarding the issue.

“Their [future] appearances will be decided by the program’s individual judgements.”

— Keiji Kameyama

Regardless of the recent controversies and cancelled appearances, BTS has successfully released their latest Japanese album, and also completed their Japanese Dome Tour with positive response from their ARMYs.

Source: TV Report