BTS Spill On Whether Or Not They Rewatch Their Old Music Videos

The members had different answers.

With BTS‘s recent release of their anthology album PROOF, many new ARMY are getting their first introduction to BTS’s older music. And ARMY that have been fans longer are using the opportunity to return to listening to older songs and watching older music videos.

In fact, it almost feels like a necessity for fans to be watching BTS’s older music videos, as their recent music video for “Yet To Come” contains countless references to their old content.

The same is true of the lyrics of both the title track and the emotional track “For Youth.”

And while ARMY are enjoying the excuse to dive back into BTS’s older content, they aren’t the only ones reminiscing.

(top, left to right) V, Jin, RM, J-Hope, (bottom, left to right) Suga, Jungkook, and Jimin | @bts_bighit/Twitter

In a chaotic VLIVE BTS held after the release of their latest album, the members answered the question as to whether or not they go back and watch their old music videos.

Jungkook: Watching the [“Yet To Come”] MV made me feel emotional a bit.

RM: Yeah.

Suga: It has our history.

Jin: Our history in chronological order.


And because of how many references “Yet To Come” has, Jungkook admits that he went back and watched all of their performances and music videos.

Jungkook: Today, I saw all of our performances starting from the debut performance, debut MV.


And he certainly isn’t alone since RM admits that he does “that once a year.”

RM: Me too. I do that once a year.


While Suga admits that he also sometimes rewatches their music videos and performances, he only does it on certain occasions.

Suga: Sometimes on the days when I drink a lot.


Which Jimin agrees with, as he watches their old content when he’s feeling emotional.

Jimin: When I feel emotional and down.


And Suga amends that when he is rewatching old content, he also makes sure to listen to their older music too.

Suga: And whenever I watch [old MVs], I also listen to our songs a lot. I feel how this is encouraging.


And although Jin, J-Hope, and V don’t share whether or not they watch their old content, V takes the opportunity to tease Jin.

V: [Jin] doesn’t understand [watching it].


Needless to say ARMY streaming BTS’s old content are in good company.