BTS Introduces The New BTS Game They Poured Their Hearts Into 

Are you ready to play?

A new BTS game is on the way!

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At their 2021 Briefing With The Community, HYBE announced a variety of exciting projects, including a new BTS webtoon and a new game. This will be the fourth BTS game after SuperStar BTS, BTS World, and BTS Universe Story. 

According to HYBE general manager Chung Wooyong, this game is unlike any that have come before it in the franchise. Rather than simply starring as characters, this time BTS was actively involved in the creation process. The members worked on it behind the scenes for months.

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You’ll get to play the game where our efforts are put in.

— Suga

“A lot of opinions by the game users are included in this game,” Jin explained, during an interview segment. Jungkook added; “We’ve worked very hard on this project.” 

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RM talked briefly about working with game designers, and the impact he hopes the game will have on players.

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It’s probably because the experts have joined the team and worked with us with great effort that the system of the game is set up well, and it will be loved by many people for a long time.

— RM

What can fans expect from the gameplay? V and J-Hope described it as a “chill,” “fun” game that players are sure to enjoy. “I want people to relax by playing this game,” Jimin said.

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HYBE plans to launch the game in the first half of 2022, along with BTS’s new webtoon. Read all about it here:

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