BTS’s “No Pants Sasaeng” Allegedly Lashes Out At ARMYs

This infamous “fan” allegedly wrote ARMY a scathing message.

A notorious BTS “fan” known as the “No Pants Girl” has allegedly lashed out at ARMYs on social media.


On January 14, this female “fan” was spotted following BTS at a close distance at the Incheon International Airport. She has been known to follow BTS from flight to flight and has reportedly been included in Big Hit Entertainment‘s blacklist for sasaengs.


“No Pants Girl” earned her nickname from the outfit she wore that day. In photos and videos, she appears to be pantless, but it is likely that she was wearing hot pants at the time.


Recently, ARMYs discovered a profanity-riddled message addressed to them on Instagram. In it, the user claims she will be attending BTS’s concerts, and she threatens anyone who tries to “f**king touch” her.


The message is allegedly from the “No Pants Girl”, but it is unclear, whether the Instagram account truly belongs to her. The “No Pants Girl” has reportedly gone through several social media accounts, some of which were deleted. Some netizens believe this message may have been posted by one of her friends instead.


ARMYs have not taken the message kindly, and many have found it hypocritical.


BTS fans have also expressed their concerns for BTS’s safety, and they hope Big Hit Entertainment will ensure that blacklisted individuals will not be allowed entrance to BTS’s concerts.