Elton John Participates In BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Challenge

Legends supporting each other!

In BTS‘s latest single, “Permission to Dance,” Elton John was given a shoutout, and recently he’s done his part in BTS’s latest dance challenge!

| @EltonJohn/Instagram

RM sang the lines, “When it all seems like it’s wrong, just sing along to Elton John,” in the first verse to set the tone of the hopeful song that encourages listeners to forget their woes and stand up and dance.

Recently, RM posted a video dancing to the line and tagging the icon himself.

It didn’t take long for Elton John to respond with a “Permission to Dance” dance cover of his own!

His caption put a playful spin on the lyrics.

When it all seems like it’s right, I sing along to @bangtantv #permissiontodance

— Elton John

He nailed those moves!

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