Jungkook Offers Hilarious Advice On How To Enjoy BTS’s Concerts

ARMYs, are you listening? 😂

With BTS‘s upcoming online concert “Permission to Dance On Stage” quickly approaching, Jungkook gave ARMYs some important tips for enjoying the show at home!

First, laying down pillows all over the floor is a must.

Much like the title suggests, ARMYs are encouraged to dance along. However, Jungkook took it to the next level!

In order to not disturb your downstairs neighbors, he taught ARMYs the art of jumping softly.

When people [normally] jump, they end up stomping like this.

— Jungkook

The secret to eliminate the loud noise? Bend your knees to absorb the blow of the jump!

But if you do this, there’s no noise!

— Jungkook

Additionally, pushing your momentum upwards again eliminates even more noise. You just have to keep jumping…which is a win in Jungkook’s book.

This is killing two birds with one stone because you can burn off calories.

— Jungkook

It might be difficult to stay on beat when jumping like this…

…but in the end, you should do what’s best for your living situation!

Everyone, don’t be the noisy neighbor, for real.

— Jungkook

Get ready to jump around and have the best time watching BTS’s concert from the comfort of your own home!

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