ARMYs Couldn’t Cheer During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL,” But BTS Made Sure Their Voices Were Heard

BTS became ARMYs’ voices!

BTS has just finished their first PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE show in Seoul and, as expected, it was purely magical for all those lucky enough to be at the Olympic Stadium and those watching at home through the live stream.

Members of BTS | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Yet, as known to fans when the concert was first announced, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that fans weren’t allowed to shout or scream during the show. BIGHIT MUSIC was prepared and gave each ARMY in attendance a cute clapper to show their love and to do the fanchants.

Well, the members couldnt help but agree with the fact that it was frustrating for ARMYs. During recent broadcasts, the members have been joking about how fans are going to react when they remember that they can’t scream, and Jin even had the perfect example.


Even in the soundcheck, ARMYs were struggling to control their excitement, and even when one accidentally screamed, the members knew them too well and even tried to reassure them that screaming was okay…

And then realized that they probably had to do it themselves!

When it came to the actual show, it seemed like ARMYs knew they had to control themselves. But it seems like BIGHIT still wanted to create the atmosphere, and viewers noticed that there were fake screams during the stream, and Jimin even confirmed that this was the case.

Luckily, BTS were prepared and knew that if ARMYs couldn’t cheer and scream, it was up to them, with J-Hope adding, “Since you can’t scream, we’ll scream for you.” It started from the very beginning with the introduction. 

Although it seems almost impossible for ARMYs not to forget the rules and join in on J-Hope’s iconic and interactive introduction, they couldn’t scream along. But the other members were on hand to make sure that J-Hope got his proper introduction…

And so did Suga! The rest of BTS made sure that ARMYs’ voices were heard across the arena, even if they couldn’t do it themselves.

Even throughout the show, BTS kept making sure that even though they might forget that ARMYs aren’t allowed to scream…

Of course, not even the strictest and most controlled ARMYs can resist screaming at some point, especially considering how epic the concert was. In particular, when the group busted into a dance break for the crowd, all cards were off the table.

As always, BTS once again made sure that ARMYs didn’t feel downhearted by the fact they couldn’t scream. They used their own voices to make sure the audience knew they felt the love. Anyway, nobody is a bigger fan of BTS than the members themselves.

You can read more about BTS making sure ARMYs can show their love, even with the COVID-19 restrictions below.

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