BTS’s Jin Hilariously Acts Out How He Thinks ARMYs Will Have To Cheer At The “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concerts In Seoul Due To The No-Cheering Rule

And he’s not wrong…

BTS‘s Jin had everyone laughing, fans and members alike, when he acted out how he thinks ARMYs will have to clap at BTS’s upcoming concert in Seoul, which will be held both on and offline.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, fans who attend live performances, whether at concerts or at music show recordings, are not allowed to cheer. This is, of course, a safety precaution. As a result, fans are allowed to show other forms of support such as clapping, but vocally cheering is strictly off-limits.

While this is a somewhat understandably difficult thing to do at a concert, it has not been a problem for most fans who have attended K-Pop concerts and complied fully with the safety rules. And during a recent BTS live stream, Jin poked some fun at what it must be like to be an excited fan at a concert when one isn’t allowed to cheer.

He hilariously acted out how fans would be desperately trying not to cheer while clapping loudly, and ARMYs couldn’t help pointing out how once again Jin was clowning them.

Not that anyone can complain—Jin’s portrayal of an excited ARMY at the concert was arguably too funny (and too real).

Naturally, this was not the only time that Jin and the members of BTS poked fun at ARMYs. They hilariously ended the live stream as soon as it began, tricking ARMYs into thinking that they had just missed the live because, as J-Hope put it, they thought it would be very funny.” You can read more about those shenanigans on the link below!

ARMYs Thought They’d Missed A BTS Live Broadcast, But They’d Actually Been Clowned By The Members



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