ARMYs Literally Couldn’t Contain Their Excitement During BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL” Soundcheck, But The Members Didn’t Mind

How do you expect ARMYs not to scream?

ARMYs across the world are currently waiting at the edge of their seats for the start of BTS’s first in-person concert in Korea with PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. After so long, BTS and K-ARMYs will meet in Seoul at the Olympic Stadium.


The soundcheck for the show has just happened, and some very lucky ARMYs had the chance to see the members rehearse and interact with them before the main show.

Of course, things are extremely different from their last show after the global pandemic. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, ARMYs are not allowed to cheer. Instead, they are only allowed to clap or use the clappers provided, which are also being utilized for the fan chants.

Well, it seems as frustrating as it might be for ARMYs, even the members can’t help but agree. During recent broadcasts, the members have been joking about how fans are going to react when they remember that they can’t scream, and Jin even had the perfect example.


Even when the members first came out to see fans, J-Hope recorded their entrance and it was impossible not to hear the crowds cheering. Suga even added, “They’re surprised, they’re surprised.

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One ARMY, who was lucky enough to attend soundcheck, had a hilarious moment. During the track “DNA,” one K-ARMY accidentally let out a scream, and not only did Jimin have the cutest reaction…

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But later on, someone else shared that after it had happened and the fan picked up their clapper, the members couldn’t stop laughing and explained that they could if they wanted to scream.

Many joked that after being away from them for so long, and with US ARMYs allowed to scream during their shows, the group didn’t mind.

Another rule during soundcheck is that ARMYs aren’t allowed to film it. Yet, it seems that once again, fans were so excited to see the members that they didn’t mind.

Several shared their videos on social media. Even when the likes of Jimin and Jungkook most likely saw the cameras, they didn’t mind. In fact, it seems like the members enjoyed it as they directly started into the cameras.


Of course, it isn’t surprising how the members reacted. After so long away from K-ARMYs, they are just as excited to get to perform in front of them and wouldn’t be surprised if ARMYs accidentally forgot not to cheer because of their own excitement.

You can read more about Jin’s hilarious interpretation of ARMYs trying not to scream below.

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