BTS Gifts ARMY Snapshots Of Behind-The-Scenes Moments With “BE” Polaroids

They’re so precious!

BTS recently released polaroids on Weverse showing special moments from their latest album, BE. Check out all the photos of each member below!

1. On Set

Behind-the-scenes during their photoshoot, RM gives a peace sign.

So does Jin

…and Suga!

J-Hope proves yellow is his color.

Jimin looks chic mid-photoshoot…

…and so does V.

Jungkook casually takes a break.

2. Photoshoot #2

In this next photoshoot, the boys pull off an edgier look.

With dark colors, animal print, and bolder hair and makeup, they’ve transformed!

From casual boyfriend material…

…to cool beyond words!

Both styles look great on them…

…so it all comes down to personal preference.

Which do you prefer?

3. On My Pillow

These cozy polaroids were taken during the filming on the music video for “Life Goes On (On My Pillow Version).”

The boys filmed the video in their dorm…

…and wore their coziest pajamas.

If it felt like they were right at home…

…it’s because they were! The video was shot in J-Hope and Jimin’s room.

Depicting the new normal of life in a pandemic, many people are confined to their houses…

…and left to dream about the outside world from the comfort of their pajamas.

4. Life Goes On

The members of BTS look like princes in all-white suits.

However, this scene in the “Life Goes On” music video is about more than just a cute stage outfit.

Towards the end of the video, the members appear on stage in front of an empty audience.

The seven boys perform in grayscale…

…and it leaves fans thinking.

While we wait for that day to return where we can see BTS perform in front of an in-person audience…

…ARMY can enjoy these adorable polaroids!

Source: Weverse


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