BTS Taught President Moon Jae In The “Permission to Dance” Choreography, And It Is The Most Wholesome Thing

What isn’t there to love?

Although back in Korea, BTS once again made history as they participated at the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York! The group gained praise from fans worldwide for their meaningful speech and their dazzling visuals.

The members of BTS at the UN General Assembly | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

As well as speaking to millions of people worldwide about the impact of COVID-19 and climate change, the members took part in several interviews. Recently, the members appeared on Good Morning America alongside South Korea’s President Moon Jae In to speak all about their appearance, the pandemic, and much more.

| @GMA/ Twitter

During the interview, they spoke about their latest track, “Permission to Dance,” and the impact they hoped it would have on ARMYs worldwide. In particular, even President Moon had nothing but kind words to say about the dance.

BTS’ song ‘Permission to Dance’ is beautiful, and so is its choreography..and it delivers a message of unity that overcomes our differences.

| @GMA/ Twitter

If this wasn’t enough, during the interview, President Moon even tried to learn the choreography himself, adding, “Oh, is this how you do it?

| @GMA/ Twitter

In particular, fans noticed that V was trying to teach President Moon’s dance properly and even edged off his seat to make sure that it was a lot easier to follow. With the significance of using sign language, President Moon seemed very interested and passionate about learning the moves, and he seemed to quickly catch on.

| @GMA/ Twitter

Even before the interview was aired, clips went around social media showing President Moon trying the moves, and it was definitely the most wholesome thing in the world.

President Moon Jae In has always been a strong supporter of BTS. Earlier in the month, President Moon gave the Future Culture Special Envoy appointment letter to BTS as he hoped the group would help to lead the global agenda for future generations, such as sustainable growth, and expand diplomatic power. 

After the interview was released, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of the interactions between BTS and President Moon!

With even high-rank politicians getting involved with BTS and their message of hope, it is no surprise that fans worldwide are falling more in love with the group.

Source: @GMA