Here’s What’s Inside BTS’s Insanely Expensive New Release, “PROOF (Collector’s Edition)”

Is it worth the huge price tag?

BTS has recently announced an item for collectors, but the unexpectedly high price is leaving even the most hardcore fans wondering if this is something they should pass on buying.

Previously, two version of BTS’s PROOF album were released in June of 2022. The “Compact Edition” is $22.90 on Weverse and includes 3 CDs, a booklet, photocard, postcard, mini poster and discography guide.

For ARMY who love to collect, the “Standard Edition” is $69.90 and includes the same contents as the Compact Edition, plus more photobooks.

However, BIGHIT Music’s recent announcement of the “Collector’s Edition” features even more goodies, but comes with an even higher price.

We are happy to announce the release of ‘Proof (Collector’s Edition).’ It will be an album capturing the essence of the identity of BTS, following the release of the Standard Edition and Compact Edition of “Proof,” the BTS anthology album that opens the door to their second chapter and looks back on the 9 years of the group’s activities and their meaning.

‘Proof (Collector’s Edition)’ will be a true collection of the group’s activities of their first chapter as artists. You will feel the identity of BTS throughout the album, from special content including in-depth interviews with each member to the packaging of various compositions to express BTS.

— BIGHIT Music

The album features new and different contents, including 7 premium photos, 1 poster, 1 book, 7 AR cards, 7 3D cards, 7 photocards (version A), 7 photocards (version B), and a user guide.

Depending on your location, the album’s price varies. Prices at $220 USD in Korea, costs $275 in the USA — and that doesn’t even include the $114 shipping, making the total price almost $400.

Because of this, many fans have decided to boycott the album.

Previously, fans became upset when HYBE made J-Hope’s Jack in the Box album an almost-entirely digital release in the name of making environmentally friendly decisions.

Fans have described the company’s actions as “hypocritical” and “unethical” as they continue to release overpriced goods in the name of becoming a collector and profiting off of fans’ loyalty and dedication.

Various posts of the album’s details have gained thousands of comments on Korean forums where netizens are in awe of the insane retail price.

  • “200 ??? They’re bullsh*tting. Even for PROOF, they only had 3 new songs in it, Hybe is going nuts..”
  • “I’m an ARMY and they’ve really lost it. I’ve always loved BTS, but the company is always bullsh*tting”
  • “This is literally just a remake album, why is there a need to make it that expensive?”
  • “We need to spend that much just to have randomized photocards….? Wow, this is severe…”
  • “HYBE…Bighit…We know too well how you guys are viewing ARMY, but this is just shocking and infuriating. Looking at the way they treat us is just sad”
Source: theqoo