BTS Drops The Second Tracklist For Their New Anthology Album, “PROOF”

Who’s excited?

BTS has dropped the second official tracklist for their upcoming anthology album, PROOF, and it’s packed with fans’ all-time favorite songs!


PROOF is a 3-CD album that will include dozens of solo songs and group songs from 2013 to today, including “Born Singer,” “FIRE,” “ON,” and “No More Dream.” It will also introduce fans to three brand new songs. The first, featured on CD1, is “Yet to Come.”


“(The Most Beautiful Moment)” suggests that “Yet to Come” will return to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life album that began one of BTS’s iconic HYYH era.


Today, BTS dropped the tracklist of CD2. Like the first tracklist, this one includes fan favorites, such as “Singularity,” “Her,” and “Filter.” It also includes PROOF‘s second new song, “Run BTS,” as CD2’s first track. JungkookSuga, J-Hope, and RM are featured in the song’s credits, suggesting that “Run BTS” could possibly be a subunit track.

As expected, with each new reveal the hype for PROOF is rising. Fans couldn’t be more excited to hear BTS’s new songs and revisit old ones!

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