ARMYs Demand Australian Comedian To Be Fired For His Racist And Disrespectful Tweets About BTS

He responded with more vulgar and offensive Tweets.

An Australian pop culture TV show recently came under fire for their racist and disrespectful comments about BTS. ARMYs were soon up in arms demanding that the producers and cast apologize for their behavior.


However, one Australian comedian has defended the show claiming BTS was “designed solely to extract $ from the hip pocket of 14-year-olds.” He used extremely profane language as he sided with the show’s opinions.


As ARMYs began to criticize him for his Tweet, he then continued on a spree of offensive and disrespectful Tweets about BTS.


As the situation escalated, ARMYs began circulating a hashtag to get the comedian fired from his shows.

This isn’t the first time ARMYs brought racist behavior to the attention of the employers. They had once gotten a realtor fired for his racist remarks during an interview.


BTS’s fans dug deep into the comedian’s past and discovered vile and offensive Tweets that ranged from sexual assault to racism against multiple ethnicities.


His past Tweets have also gone viral as the fans continue to pile up a case to get him fired for good.


No action has been taken by officials as of yet, but the number of ARMYs who are standing up against the comedian continues to grow rapidly.

Source: Newsweek