BTS’s RM Reacts To Olympic Short-Track Speed Skater Kwak Yoon Gy’s Rendition Of “Dynamite”

…and Kwak Yoon Gy responds to it!

Olympic short-track team leader Kwak Yoon Gy recently went viral not only for his leadership and skills but also for dancing to BTS‘s “Dynamite” on global television. On February 16th, as the South Korean team stepped up to the podium, team leader Kwak Yoon Gy surprised everyone by dancing right before the team took the stage.

While he explained in an interview that he simply did that to repay RM for his support during the Olympics, RM himself had tuned in to the moment. RM uploaded the iconic dance on his Instagram story.

Mr. Yoon Gy, I watched your “Dynamite” well.

— RM

As fate would have it, Yoon Gy was hosting a live stream at the same moment. Someone next to him quickly alerted him to the fact that RM had posted about the dance. His reaction was gold.

We too would have fallen back in shock and honor.

For real? Really? Wait guys, let me go check it out. It’s insane. What is Mr. RM’s Instagram username? This is crazy. It’s crazy. But guys, what I thought was a pity was that because I was wearing the tight training pants, the dance only ended up at this level. If I was dressed in more street-style pants…

— Yoon Gy

Check out the reaction to the reaction below! Congratulations to Yoon Gy and the short-track team once again.