BTS Have The Best Reactions To RM’s “Busan” Joke At The Busan Expo Ceremony

“It’s like he’s been waiting his whole life to say this joke!”

In every K-Pop group, each member has their own role that makes them easily identifiable to fans. BTS is no different, and RM has always been praised for his role as the group’s leader, shining with his personality, charm, and talent.

Yet, RM is also one of the oldest members of the group, and like Jin, the group’s leader loves making jokes whenever he can.


Well, it seems as if RM wasn’t going to let go of the jokes and a recent pun from the idol had his members and ARMYs LOL’ing.

Recently, the members attended an event as BTS was appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for the World EXPO 2030, Busan, South Korea. 

BTS receiving their awards | @Kpop_herald/Twitter

During the ceremony, the group was presented with their awards and dazzled netizens with their amazing visuals. Even though it was a professional event, it seemed like everyone was showcasing their inner BTS fanboy throughout the live stream.


After the main bulk of the event, including handing out the awards and the photo opportunities, it was time for BTS to give the speech. As the group’s leader, it wasn’t surprising that RM took the lead and made his way to the podium.

Like always, BTS was ready to join in with RM as he did the group’s greeting. However, for the occasion, RM decided to change it up and said, 2,3. Busan. Hello, I’m BTS RM,” which is completely different from what they normally say.

When RM made the joke, the scene behind him was chaos as everyone seemed to have different reactions.

Member V seemed rightly confused as he was expecting to join in with the usual greeting. His eyes widened as he turned to the members around him, as he wondered what was going on.

Although RM was unsurprisingly and rightly proud of his pun, Jimin also couldn’t stop smiling and seemed to find it hilarious that their leader had made such a funny joke.

Yet, the award for the best reaction went to Suga and J-Hope. Two of the group’s oldest members had a more delayed reaction but couldn’t stop clapping and laughing when they figured out what had happened. They also turned to each other and seemed to discuss the hilarious joke.

After everyone in the group and audience seemed to finish laughing because it was truly an iconic joke, RM said, “Excuse me,” as he suddenly seemed flustered by what he just said.

Of course, it wasn’t just those in attendance that found it hilarious. When the clip was posted, ARMYs on social media couldn’t get enough of RM’s joke and shared how hilariously unserious the group’s leader was.

As expected, BTS’s RM continues to showcase his charming personality even when at a huge event with officials. It’s one of the reasons everyone loves him so much, and the reactions from the members were truly hilarious.

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