BTS Reveals What They Initially Thought About “I NEED U”… And How They Feel About It Now

“The song means a lot to us…”

In the latest episode of Immortal Songs 2: Singing the LegendBTS members discussed their 2015 track “I NEED U”…

… which “put them on the map” after winning the group their first-ever trophy on a music show!

We brought home our first win with this song… and that kind of pushed us forward…

— Jin

Members agreed that this track is most likely producer Pdogg‘s favorite song, as well as theirs!

… so we’re pretty affectionate toward that song. “I NEED U” means a lot to us.

— Jin

RM reminisced to when the members first heard “I NEED U”…

… and revealed that they were initially “caught off guard by the sound.”

We didn’t know Pdogg could produce songs like “I NEED U”, actually. He has always been so hiphop heavy… So when we first heard this sentimental song, yeah. All of us, we got hooked right away.

— RM

J-Hope and Jungkook agreed that “I NEED U” sounded super catchy to them…

The intro really got me… As soon as I heard the instrumental part in the intro, I was like “What is this?!”

— J-Hope

… and they “had a hunch” about the song’s potential success!

I mean, I knew it! I knew the song would become a hit!

— Jungkook

While Jimin claimed that “It’s harder to re-create the same “desperate” vibe now because it has been so long“…

Back then, we were young. So there was that “boy-trying-to-grow” kind of vibe that we focused on creating…

— Jimin

… the song does and will always have a special place in their hearts!

| Big Hit Entertainment

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