BTS RM Gives 200 Lucky ARMYs The Best Gifts And Surprises At His Exclusive Concert

To say we’re jealous is an understatement!

On December 2, BTS‘s RM wowed netizens when he released his album Indigo.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

Along with the beautiful album, RM released a stunning video for his track “Wild Flower.”

| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

On November 23, HYBE announced that RM would be holding a small performance recording session with only 200 ARMYs on December 5. The aim of keeping the audience as small as possible is to allow RM to engage with them effectively.

As expected, with such a small number of places, it wasn’t surprising that the internet had the funniest reactions to the announcement.

After a long wait, not only was the beautiful album released, but December 5 came, and the lucky 200 ARMYs made their way to the concert.

Even though there wasn’t any content from the concert itself, as HYBE was very strict about attendees not recording, fans shared the gifts that RM gave those attending. ARMYs revealed that the idol not only gave them a wristband to show they attended…

| @_BTSMoments_/Twitter

But they t a handwritten letter and postcard from the idol, with one that said, “Thank you for coming all this way! Let’s have fun-!”

| @_BTSMoments_/Twitter
| @_BTSMoments_/Twitter
| @_BTSMoments_/Twitter

If those gifts weren’t good enough, other fans also shared that the idol gave them other unique and personalized gifts.

One person shared that RM had also given the fans a beautifully intricate bookmark that perfectly fitted the theme of the album, along with a scent diffuser and fountain pen.

| @_BTSMoments_/Twitter
| @_BTSMoments_/Twitter

Yet, if that wasn’t enough, along with the beautiful gifts, RM had some special gifts for those lucky ARMYs attending.

In a tweet from one of the lucky K-ARMYs, they explained that RM had a number of special guests at the concert. Specifically, there were four special artists that made an appearance at the concert, and they were all musicians and producers that appeared on RM’s Indigo album.

Everyone, 4 guests came today…
Paul Blanco
Kim Sawol
Jo Youjeen all performed and left, and I cheered like hell.

— OP

It isn’t the first time the BTS members have gained attention for their special gifts to fans at special events. When the group was promoting “Yet To Come,” ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement at the romantic treats they received.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Although BTS has millions of fans worldwide, they always make sure each one is treated like royalty. The gifts always hold a special meaning, and they ensure everyone’s experience is unforgettable at their events.

You can read more about gifts from BTS below.

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