“Feel Like Chopping Down A Tree”: BTS RM’s Upcoming Schedule Draws Hilarious Reactions From Fans

Purple on purple crime era is upon us.

On November 23, KST, Big Hit Music announced that BTS leader RM will be holding a small performance recording session with only 200 ARMYs on December 5. The aim of keeping the audience as small as possible is to allow RM to engage with them effectively.

| @rkive/Instagram

According to the notice posted on Weverse, there are two eligibility criteria to participate in the event. You have to be an ARMY Membership holder and purchase RM’s upcoming album “Indigo” in the set version, or the book and postcard edition together, from the Weverse Global Shop to enter the raffle. There is also a cap on the age of the participants. People born after December 31, 2002, will not be able to enter the raffle.


To keep the performance recording an intimate session between the fans and the artist, any sort of recording will be prohibited at the venue. Audience members will have to cover their phone’s camera lenses with stickers before the event starts. This means that the entirety of the interactive performance session will remain a secret until the official videos are released.


As much as ARMYs are excited to see what RM brings to the table with such innovative promotional schedules, it was hard for many to contain their jealousy at the hypothetical set of lucky ARMYs who will get to interact with RM in such an intimate setting. But the hilarious way this fandom expressed their envy only added to the fun.

Here are some of the creme-de-la-creme reactions from ARMYs, guaranteed to get you on the floor.

1. “That should be me”


3. The lawful evil

4. “They Don’t Love You Like I Do”

5. The chaotic evil:



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