BTS’s RM Accidentally Deletes The Entire Audio File For A New Song And We Feel For Him So Much

He had been working on it for a year.

BTS‘s RM is known as one of the main music makers in the group. Although all of the members are talented in music composition and producing, RM takes the most hand in this aspect for BTS. Up to date, he has around 180 credits registered with the copyrights association and is also the youngest most credited Korean artist.

It seems like he had a bad day at work recently, with the unfortunate loss of the audio files for a new song he was preparing.

He shared the upsetting news on Weverse. It seems that he had been cleaning out his storage on his computer but accidentally erased the files.

I made a mistake in cleaning today… So the audio files that I had been working on for  a year were lost… I’m in a total mental breakdown… But I will still find strength…

I was almost done with it…

sure… the worst day outta this year

I’m sad so I’m recording it on Moments.

— RM

He followed up on the news just in case fans worried about him. However, what made things even more difficult for him was that he had recorded over 60 audio tracks just for that one song. This is as each song usually composes of many layers and recordings.

In case you will worry, it’s only just that one song. The other few songs are left well in the care of others. But there are over 60 tracks recorded for this so I can’t even think of doing it all over again..

But I will still do it well and let you listen to it sometime. *sob* Everyone, use your cleaning programs with caution…

— RM

Well, he isn’t called ‘God of Destruction’ for nothing! Hopefully nothing else will go wrong in his recording process.

Source: theqoo