A Netizen Gains Mixed Reactions From ARMYs For Their Behavior After Seeing BTS’s RM In America

Many are debating whether it should be praised or not!

After a crazy year of promotions and schedules, the BTS members finally had a chance to relax during their extended vacation after finishing their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in LA. Whether it was returning back to Korea or enjoying themselves in America, ARMYs have been treated to a lot of content from the members.

The members of BTS in LA | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

In particular, before returning to Korea, leader RM enjoyed his time in America visiting various museums and galleries…

BTS’s RM | @rkive/ Instagram

Although RM was in public, there was surprisingly very little news from ARMYs about his whereabouts, and other fans have praised them for their respect. In particular, one ARMY has gone viral for their behavior when seeing the group’s leader.

In a tweet shared on December 18, one fan shared a picture with the caption, “When you see RM when you arrive to NYC. And yank your BTS merch off ur neck so he doesn’t know you are ARMY.” 

The fan explained that BTS’s RM was spotted at the airport in New York City on December 14. Yet, one fan who saw him quickly decided to hide her identity as an ARMY as not to disturb RM’s peace and hid her BT21 key chain merchandise behind her back.

When the tweet was shared, fans shared their love and admiration for how this fan had reacted to seeing RM.

Yet, many others shared contrasting views that the fan was actually not being respectful at all, considering that they had taken the photo of RM without his permission in the first place.

In particular, BigHit released a notice ahead of their vacation explaining that the members wanted time off without anything being released about their private schedules.

Depending on your perspective of the situation, it isn’t the first time that ARMYs gained attention for their behavior towards

During their extended vacation, member V also took a well-earned break and had some time out with his family. He rightly didn’t share many details about his whereabouts, just revealing that he was going on an adventure. Luckily, fans were treated to some stories and pictures when he returned to Korea, and V had been living his best life in Hawaii!

| Weverse

Yet, he also praised Hawaiin ARMYs for their respect towards him while on holiday in a post on Weverse. He also added that he also had a very comfortable experience at the airport for this reason.

BTS’s V | Weverse

It isn’t always the case and, after some of the members returned from America, fans raised concerns about the large crowds of fans and media that met them at the airport. In particular, RM was praised for his response after the press explained that they had waited three days for him.

Although this fan has gained mixed opinions on their behavior towards RM, the rest of the members’ privacy was kept. It shows just how respectful many fans can be! You can read more about RM’s time in America below.

BTS’s RM Is Living His Best Life In New York City 

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