What Is BTS’s RM Up To? ARMYs Find An Unexpected Hint

Many thought the picture was deleted from RM’s Instagram.

RM released his first solo album Indigo back in December 2022, becoming the second BTS member to do so after J-Hope.

The album broke records and became critically acclaimed, but the BTS leader kept busy with his musical releases, one after another. After Indigo, his next major project was “Smoke Sprite,” a song by So Yoon, where he appeared as a featuring artist. Even before Indigo, RM had featured on another track, “Sexy Nukim,” by Balming Tiger.

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After “Smoke Sprite,” the rapper disclosed during a livestream that he was supposed to enlist in the military with bandmate J-Hope but ended up delaying it because he still had some more projects to work on. But he also added that most of those projects would probably be released the next year when he is already in the military. This announcement had ARMYs both sad about his impending departure and excited at the prospect of new music.

His latest release was “Don’t Ever Say Love Me” with Colde. While many fans wondered if this track was the last in his lineup of pre-enlistment releases, an unexpected development came about.

Some fans found a picture of RM in his studio, working with a few other people, which has convinced fans that he is gearing up to release another album!

Once the picture started making its round on the internet, many fans mistakenly thought it was posted by RM and later deleted. But it turns out the source is someone else’s account, BIGHIT MUSIC’s former in-house producer Supreme Boi‘s, to be precise.

| @supremeboi_kor/Instagram

The picture in itself has pretty low visibility of anybody’s face because of the exposure levels, but ARMYs immediately spotted RM in it, thanks to his…feet.

Since the detective work is over, it’s only a matter of waiting now!


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