BTS’s RM Talks About Anti-Asian Violence, Discrimination And Xenophobia

He thinks that BTS’s existence helps contribute to leaving xenophobia behind.

BTS‘s “underdog that rose to fame” story will always be one held close to the hearts of ARMYs. Not only did they achieve success after an arduous journey in Korea, but BTS also had to go through the same process once again in America.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, BTS’s leader, RM, talked about how their K-Pop roots contrasted starkly with the American players in the scene. RM acknowledges that BTS were outliers that broke into America, then enjoyed incredible success. However, he believes that BTS’s brand of personal music and practiced performances bring about a ray of light and hope amongst the darkness surrounding the world currently.

There’s a light side; there’s always going to be a dark side. The way we think is that everything we do, and our existence itself, is contributing to hope for leaving this xenophobia, these negative things behind.

— RM

More on the current anti-Asian discrimination and violence going on in the world, RM looks towards the positive side and hopes that people struggling will be able to receive a form of comfort from BTS.

It’s our hope, too, that people in the minority will draw some energy and strength from our existence. Yes, there’s xenophobia, but there are also a lot of people who are very accepting… The fact that we have faced success in the United States is very meaningful in and itself.

— RM

While we all look towards a better future and a better world, it is important to have hope moving forward and seek inspiration from things that bring you joy. Congratulations to BTS for their achievements!

Source: Rolling Stone


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