BTS RM’s “Bicycle” Is Now Available On Music Streaming Platforms, But ARMYs Want More

It’s finally available to stream!

One of BTS RM‘s beloved solo songs has been added to music streaming services for the first time, but ARMYs wanted more…


BIGHIT MUSIC announced on November 29 that RM’s solo music, including his mixtape mono and his solo single “Bicycle,” are currently available to stream on platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.

While mono had already been available, “Bicycle” had not yet been available. Before, BIGHIT MUSIC released the song on YouTube to view and to listen to on SoundCloud for 2021 FESTA. RM wrote the song dedicated to his love of bicycling and hoped it would become an anthem for like-minded individuals.

I’ve always wanted to write a song about bicycles. Three years since I produced Mono, I was starting to feel a bit exhausted with putting together the next series without being on a definite timeline. FESTA became a good motivation for me though, since I ended up writing and releasing ‘Bicycle.’

— RM

So, now for the first time, you can listen to “Bicycle” anytime, anywhere, just as RM intended.

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ARMYs were very excited by the news. We’ve waited over a year for this day!

Many also got hopeful about the possibility of more songs being added, particularly members’ solo releases and previous FESTA releases.

Yet, ARMYs were disappointed that RM’s first mixtape RM from 2015 has still yet to be added to music streaming platforms.

But there’s a possibility it might never be added, considering it contained so many samples that it could infringe on copyright.

However, many of BTS’s songs contain sampling, including Suga‘s (Agust D) mixtapes, which are available on streaming platforms. So, if BIGHIT MUSIC gets permission/obtains rights, RM could be added in the future.

“Bicycle” has been added to streaming services days before his first official solo album Indigo‘s release on December 2. Likewise, Jin‘s solo songs were added to streaming services before “The Astronaut” was released.

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