Why BTS RM’s Birthday Post For Jungkook Is Making ARMYs Unexpectedly Emotional

All it took was one unassuming word.

On every BTS member’s birthday, one of the simple joys ARMYs indulge in is how each member sends their birthday wishes on social media. When it comes to Jungkook, both the fans and BTS seem to get softer than usual because, after all, that’s their “forever little one.”

For this year’s birthday post, RM took to Instagram and wished the maknae with a picture and a caption that read: “I wish you a happy birthday, fool Jungkook-ssi.” It tugged the heartstrings of ARMYs immediately, seeing how RM endearingly called him a “fool.”

But some fans also felt that this “fool” might be a more meaningful term in the leader-maknae dynamic. It reminded a lot of people of these lines from one of BTS’s demo tracks, “Young Love”- “It must be love/I must be a fool.” The track featured Jungkook and RM on the vocals. Coincidentally, the two also covered a song called “Fools” by Troye Sivan together back in 2015.

Whether it is an inside reference or just a usual term of endearment, there is no denying that this duo is absolutely adorable in the ways they show their love and appreciation for each other.