BTS’s RM Is Going Crazy Trying NOT To Spoil “Butter”

He’s reached his limit.

“Spoiler King” RM has a history of accidentally spoiling BTS content, but he is desperately trying not to let “Butter” slip!

RM | Weverse

For example, in a single broadcast, RM blurted details about the BTS WORLD OST, and he spoiled part of a Muster setlist.


In another broadcast, RM spoiled Jimin’s surprise (making coffee). He didn’t realize that they had already gone live!


Now, back to “Butter.” This new English-language single will drop tomorrow at midnight (ET), but RM wants fans to hear it now. On Weverse, RM revealed that he has been living in fear of dropping spoilers, and he can’t hold back much longer!

Butter D-1 Please hurry
I wish it’d come out already
I want to walk the streets singing it
I want to stop worrying about accidentally singing the intro when I’m out places and just scream it out loud
I want to sing it smoothly
I’m tip-toeing every day, freaking out about spoiling it
I want to stop being anxious
Come out Butter
Move faster, time
Please Yap!!!!!

— RM

RM hasn’t dropped spoilers (yet), but the same can’t be said for J-Hope and V! Check out their hints here:

BTS’s J-Hope And V Are Dropping Spoilers For “Butter”

Source: Weverse