BTS’s RM Will Reportedly Collab With Rock Group Cherry Filter For His Upcoming Album

Another hint missed by ARMYs?

According to a report by the Korean media, BTS‘s RM and Korean rock band Cherry Filter might appear on a track together for RM’s upcoming solo album.

| Big Hit Music

Cherry Filter have been active as a group since 1997. Their unique sound is characterized by elements of pop-punk, rock, ballad, and trance. The four-member group consists of Jung Woo Jin, Yaenhead, Sonstar, and Youjeon. Some of their most popular tracks include “Romantic Cat” and “Flying Duck.”

When asked to confirm the news, Big Hit Music briefly replied saying, “Please wait until further notice. But many fans have realized that earlier this year RM had shared a screenshot of him listening to the group’s song “Happy Day.” Whether that was a hint towards this collaboration or not, it is clear that as a musician he admires Cherry Filter. So, him working with the group is not too obscure of a possibility.

Since Cherry Filter is a rock group, many ARMYs are excited at the possibility of getting to see a ‘rockstar’ avatar of RM through this collaboration.

Source: EDaily


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