BTS’s RM Got A Blast From The Past…And His Reaction Says It All

He relived a memory from 2014.

BTS‘s RM, the artist formerly known as Rap Monster, took a trip back in time to 2014.

In a new Amazon Music Q&A, BTS fielded questions about the GRAMMYs, life in 2020, and more. They were also reunited with Dumbfoundead, a Los Angeles-based rapper-actor.

Dumbfoundead previously interviewed BTS in 2014, when the group performed at KCON, an American K-Pop music festival.

| KCON Official/Youtube

At the end of the interview, Dumbfoundead said, “Well, thank you guys, And when all of this is over, RM, we’re going to have to freestyle session again in Los Angeles.”

He was referring to this freestyling moment from KCON. RM and Dumbfoundead rapped together in their secondary languages (RM in English and Dumbfoundead in Korean) for fans.

When the freestyling ended, Dumbfoundead described their improvised collaboration as “very rare”. Little did he know that Rap Monster would one day be RM, leader of the world’s first GRAMMY-nominated K-Pop group.

When Dumbfoundead suddenly brought up the memory, RM’s reaction was a cross between surprise and mild embarrassment, but he’s open to a new collab. “Yeah, please,” he said. “ASAP.”

Watch the Amazon Music interview and RM’s old school freestyling session below: